Dog owners often struggle with finding the balance when it comes to providing their dog with the right amount of exercise. We don’t want to push them to exhaustion, especially with older dogs or ones with health issues, but we don’t want them to become bored little couch potatoes either. So, what is the right amount of exercise for the average, healthy, dog?

The ASPCA recommends that owners with high energy dogs can enjoy including their dogs in their own exercise programs, such as running, roller blading, or cycling.  Sustained running like this is a wonderful way to expend excess energy and keep a dog fit, but just like people, it is crucial to build up your dog’s stamina for distance. Make sure you give your dog an opportunity to urinate and defecate before you get going, especially if you exercise them on a lead. Keep in mind that dogs don’t cool themselves as efficiently as people-they pant rather than perspire.  If you require your dog to run to keep up with you, make sure he has frequent opportunities to immerse in water. This allows for rapid cooling.

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