Rob & Tanya

On today’s Insider Tanya and I discussed Wednesday’s tornado warnings in Calgary and why a twister in the Bow Valley is improbable but not impossible, the new Telus phone tower/fake tree in Canmore, the dismantling of the illegal Randy Savage trail (with comments from the Macho Man himself), why we don’t see a Pemberton-like mess at our local festivals, and more!

Is a tornado possible in the Bow Valley?

Illegal Randy Savage trail dismantled

Is it a tree?  Is it a cell phone tower?  Maybe a bit of both?

Clarification on last week’s flood housing story and highlighting Lafarge’s community outreach efforts

How Towards Zero Waste keeps our local festivals trash free and what’s next

Is the much-opposed Dead Man’s Flats ASP a game of chicken with the province?

Tanya wonders if there’s more to the story of Banff’s decision to take garbage transport in-house