Stunning wildflowers and gorgeous views – Sunshine Meadows is enjoying an unusually long summer season this year.

I was part of a group that spent much of the day Thursday doing a guided hike of the Sunshine Meadows area.  The White Mountain Adventures shuttle dropped us off at Trapper’s in the village area of the Sunshine ski resort where our guide Alex Mowat set the day up for us.  In fact, I can’t recommend the guided hike enough.  Not only did Alex lead us to the area where the wildflowers are abundant right now, he gave us fantastic details on the history and geography of the are and was a wealth of information when we had questions.  Alex also explained over our tasty post-hike lunch at Trapper’s a special offer they’re doing for guided hikes this season.

Sunshine Meadows is a very accessible hiking area with a lot of different routes and options and a relatively easy elevation gain.  Click here to learn more about the area.