RCMP Canmore – Warning Citizens of Telephone Scams

Canmore RCMP Detachments has received an increased number of complaints over the past days from citizens in the Bow Valley who have fallen victim to telephone scams involving claims of backed taxes or other debts associated to the Canada Revenue Agency, other agencies or Police. This can result in financial loss and identity theft. Victims have reported to Police that they are receiving telephone calls from someone claiming to be a representative of the CRA and that they allegedly owe a substantial debt in backed taxes. The caller claims that payments must be made immediately via e-transfer, money gram or Western Union by using threats of arrest, court or jail. The callers have often kept the Victims on the phone for hours, threatening arrest or other action until they receive confirmation of monies paid in relation to the alleged debt owed. Other Victims have also purported being told that the RCMP or other Police agencies have an arrest warrant related to fines owing and a similar procedure is used to con innocent Victims out of their money.

Citizens are urged that should they receive a phone call of this nature, to immediately hang up and report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca or call toll-free at 1-888-495-8501. RCMP offer the following tips to help avoid becoming a Victim of this type of fraud:

Treat your identification information and documents as valuable;
• Never give personal information to anyone you do not know. This includes providing birth certificate, credit card numbers, Social Insurance Numbers, drivers licence or other requested pieces of identification such as a Passport;
• If someone calls you claiming to be from the CRA or similar agency, consider asking yourself why are they calling you;
• Do not be afraid to call the CRA to confirm the authenticity of the person phoning or attempting to communicate with you;
• The CRA usually communicates via mail and never demands immediate payment;
• If it does not sound legitimate, chances are it is not;
• Police, RCMP or otherwise, do not call you demanding immediate payment for fines over the phone;
• When in doubt, hang up and call your local Police.
If you believe you may have fallen Victim to this or any other type of financial scam, report it to your local Police or RCMP Detachment (403-678-5519)

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