deer road
Traffic and parking are not the only issues, that come with more vehicles on the roads.
 A female grizzle and two black bears were hit along the highway earlier this week. And a large number of deer were also struck on highways between Calgary and Canmore.

If you listen to me on-air, you know I talk a lot about wildlife and traffic. And this where were those to things intersect. I think there are a few things that we can do to limit this kinda of thing:

1) Don’t condition wildlife to come near humans. It’s already pretty easy for wildlife and humans to come onto contact, we don’t need to make it easier. Keep food and wildlife attractants out of reach of animals. AND DON’T FEED THEM. That will help keep them from coming near us and roads where they can get hit or cause other types of trouble.

2) Don’t speed. We all do it; complain about people driving like maniacs on the weekend, then drive like maniacs ourselves during the week. Even at 10 k/pm over the limit, it makes it that much harder to stop when wildlife darts across the road. And living in the valley, i’m sure you know how (deer  and squirrels especially) always choose the worst times to cross the road.

3) Use alternative modes of transportation. Travelling from the city to valley makes this a little more difficult, but once you’re in the Bow Valley there are so many ways to get around with out getting in your car. This is gonna save more than just wildlife; you don’t have to sit in traffic, find parking, pay for gas, and it’s better for you and the environment.

4) Leave space between vehicles. If you are driving, leave space between you and the car in front of you. It’s just a good driving habit and it’ll leave more room for you to stop or slow down when wild life inevitably jumps across the road.


Every time wildlife is hit by a vehicle, it’s inviting scavengers to come to that roadway and potentially also get hit. So please be safe out there.


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