On today’s show Tanya and I discussed some of the groups that are hoping for money as part of the Canmore budget process underway now – the Canmore Public Library, artsPlace, Canmore Folk Festival, and Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Festival.  Tanya also wanted to clarify why she’s not running in the municipal election next year and makes an assertion we don’t see eye to eye about. We also discuss the arrival of a family of Syrian refugees in Canmore thanks to the generosity of the Bow Valley Syria Project and the first week of Canmore local transit.


Canmore Budget Requests – Canmore Public Library and artsPlace


Canmore Budget Requests – Canmore Folk Festival and Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Festival


2017 Municipal Election – Incumbents running in Banff; Tanya says the job of a town councilor isn’t designed for her demographic


Welcoming a family of Syrian refugees to Canmore


First week of Canmore local transit

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