Whenever you see a red carpet, specifically tonight’s Oscar red carpet, look closely. It’s not actually red!

What? Say it isn’t so! No, it’s true…it’s more of a burgundy colour and it’s called ‘Academy Red’.

So what’s the difference between Academy Red and the normal red we all know? We’ll never know. It’s SO secret that no one will ever speak of it in case someone might copy it! We do know that it’s “supposed to flatter the A-list actors who are photographed and filmed walking on it.”

And it’s not as simple as just rolling it out on Oscar night either. Oh! No!

LA Times says: “A crew of about 18 workers began installing the red carpet along Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Dolby on Feb. 21. It will take them nearly 900 man-hours to install the carpet, and the work won’t be finished until just before the stars begin arriving Sunday afternoon”.

Read all about the biggest deal of the night – the RED CARPET – HERE

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