Watching Team Canada’s success in Pyeongchang has many people in our part of the world thinking 8 years into the future.  Should a Calgary 2026 Winter Olympic bid go forward?  The Town of Canmore’s Explore 2026 initiative is all about local residents sharing their answers to that question.

Sporting some new Canada gear she purchased in preparation for the fact-finding trip to South Korea this week, Town of Canmore CAO Lisa de Soto told me she’s heard a wide range of opinions on this subject from her local friends and family and hopes to hear more from the rest of the community at Tuesday’s open house and through an online survey.  We also talked about how much say Canmore would actually have in whether Calgary would bid on the 2026 Games.

Visit the Explore 2026 page to read background and have your say on the subject, and drop by the open house Tuesday, February 13th from 4 – 7 pm at the Coast Hotel Canmore.