Canmore’s Lucie Darshan is on a mission to create a sharing economy within the Bow Valley, allowing people to share their gifts and talents with others and leave money out of the equation.  To walk the talk, she spent the months of April and May without spending any money, instead relying on a series of exchanges to survive in our affordability-challenged community.

I spoke with Lucie about her successful two months without money, the connections she made with people along the way, and how a small idea among friends has turned into a Share Your Gift exchange with nearly 700 members and 2000 gifts.

You can follow along with Lucie’s journey by joining the Darshan CommUnity on Facebook and reading her blog.  If you have a gift you’d like to share, or perhaps aren’t sure what your gift is but would like to find out, you can join the Share Your Gift exchange.  Lucie’s inspiring initiative is also run by a team of volunteers, and if you’d like to be one of them you can click here.

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