The Banff Marathon is just around the corner, with the sold-out main event June 16th, the free BMO Kids Run on the 15th, and a free Health and Fitness Expo on the Friday and Saturday at the Fenlands.

Not only is the event a lot of fun for all participants, it’s also holds the title of the World’s Greenest Marathon.  Their incredible achievement of diverting 100% of all garbage from the landfill during last year’s marathon, as well as offsetting the environmental footprint of every athlete who traveled to participate, has earned them one of the prestigious Green Sports Alliance Environmental Innovator of the Year Awards.

I spoke with Joey O’Brien, whose company SustainDriven spearheads the Banff Marathon environmental initiatives, who told me the seed was planted during the 2014 Banff/Canmore Alberta Winter Games and talked about the effort it takes to make their green goals a reality.

If you’re holding an event and have the desire and ability to do your own ‘greening’, you can find the Toward Zero Waste ‘recipe book’ Joey mentioned in the interview by clicking here.

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