On this week’s Mountain Insider Tanya and I discuss:

Banff’s new Comprehensive Parking Management Plan.  Are there enough new elements and changes to our congestion landscape that it’s worth bringing user-pay parking back on the table less than two years after the plebiscite vote said no?


Banff Parking Part 2 – When we use our garages and off-street parking spaces for things like storage and park our cars on the street, are we part of the congestion problem?


What’s the deal with that new secure compound at the Canmore Courthouse?  How did it even get approved?


Campers at Gap Lake, why there’s some confusion as to whether they’re allowed to be there, and why removing them would just make it another local area’s issue.


More land is coming to the Canmore Community Housing Corporation for possible affordable housing projects.


Banff’s Community Social Assessment shows some of the struggles associated with our constantly busy Valley.

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