On this week’s Insider Tanya and I talk about:

-Liricon Capital’s long range dreams for an Eco-Transit hub and the traffic paradigm shift they’re pitching for Banff.


-A man tries to pick a fight with a bear in Banff National Park and has continued his poor decision making streak as the case has made its way through the courts.


-A helictopter, police dog, and spike belt were all required to stop a pair of criminals in our own backyard this past Monday.


-Environment Canada says this summer really has been one of the wetter ones on record.


-Canmore’s Ralph Connor Memorial United Church votes to become an Affirming Ministry.


-Lawrence Grassi Middle School’s new policy to restrict screen time among students.


-The amazing Meg Ohsada gets to skate with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir on their retirement tour when it stops in Red Deer.

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