On this week’s Insider Tanya and I discuss:

-A major federal funding shortfall is putting the future of Exshaw School in jeopardy.


-The 40th anniversary of Melissa’s Road Race.


-Rob’s current apathy around voting choices in the upcoming federal election.


-The latest on the proposed Frank Lloyd Wright pavilion in Banff.


-Today’s global climate strike and other environmentally-themed local events next week, and whether our society is ready to make some of the hard decisions needed to truly tackle climate change.


-Bow Valley Roller Derby’s Rookie Try-Outs in Canmore on Sunday.


-Canmore’s new rainbow crosswalk and next week’s Banff PRIDE events.


-A number of dead, dying, and hazardous trees are being removed around the Miners Union Hall parking lot in Canmore next week.


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