On today’s Insider, Tanya and I explored different facets of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it relates to the Bow Valley.

-The role of and criticisms against “the media” and why we’re both focused on reporting local and staying positive.


-A plea for compassion when it comes to laid off workers and staff accommodation.


-Why it’s extra important to make good decisions in the backcountry, and how COVID-19 is affecting the accuracy of avalanche bulletins.


-What kind of supports municipalities may be able to provide in the wake of major federal and provincial aid announcements.


-Roam Public Transit goes fare free on all routes.


-How schools are “Apollo 13ing” a full online learning platform in a very short period of time.


-The newly announced Banff support service email.


-How the local arts sector is adapting to show cancellations and closures, and why it’s important to support them right now if you can.

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