I spoke with Sharon Sime about a special day being planned for Canmore high school grads on Wednesday, June 17th.


Rob: On Wednesday, June 17th, a really fun grad photo day is being planned. What’s the idea here?

Sharon: This is just to celebrate and honor our grads. We recognize that this was not the graduation that they envisioned. So we wanted to do something very fun as a community for them.

Rob: Why did you want to organize this? Do you have a grad in your life?

Sharon: I don’t have a grad in my life, but with the pandemic I recognize that so many important events were canceled rescheduled. And for our graduates, they’re only going to graduate once.

Rob: What’s going to be happening at the Cornerstone Theatre on June 17th?

Sharon: Cornerstone has very generously donated their space. It’s beautiful. We have four photographers. We will definitely be practicing social distancing, but it is a chance for our graduates to have a special photo. And we are hoping that we can piece together a group photo of them digitally after the event, possible video footage, whatever we can get together to remember the graduates of 2020.

Rob: Are they individual photos are grads inviting their families?

Sharon: These will just be individual photos due to current restrictions. It will have to be the graduates only.

Rob: How you taking care of appointments?

Sharon: Students can register here and they will then be allotted a time slot. Our Lady of the Snows will be in the first time slot. Then our second time slot is dedicated to the graduates of Canmore Collegiate High School. We have had some wonderful donations come in from our community and we have some great goodie bags plan to give the graduates. RE/MAX Alpine Realty has generously donated two $500 cash prizes for them just to celebrate this event.

Rob: That’s awesome. Is there a day that grads me to register by?

Sharon: If they could register by June 15th, that is our cutoff day.

Rob: Are you asking them to dress formally or dress casually?

Sharon: We are going to leave it completely up to them. So some of the students will be in cap and gown. They can dress formally. They can dress in athletic wear. They can dress in something fun. There’ll be opportunity for quick changes if they want to wear a cap and gown and then switch into something else.

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