Canmore Mayor John Borrowman joined Tanya and me on today’s Insider to break some news about the return of the Canmore Mountain Market in a new, temporary location:


Rob: Summer is officially here. I know a lot of people are really hoping that we will have a Farmer’s Market in Canmore this summer. I understand you have a little bit of news on the Canmore Mountain Market.

John: With all of the restrictions, regulations, and concerns about social distancing it’s been difficult, but it looks like we’ve worked through all of the problems, working with the private contractor. The market is not operated by the Town, it’s a resident, but the key has been finding the right location to allow for all of the controls of entry and controls of numbers and everything else. So I’m told that we should have Mountain Market open as early as next Thursday. There will be a lot of people happy because I’ve sure heard from a lot of people about how important it is. The location has been determined to be best at the Rec Centre parking lot, a relatively easy place to contain and control entry and exit. I believe they’re going to be doing a dry run early next week just to work out all the bugs. Of course, it will be a little different than it has been in years past. They’ll be asking that people just shop and don’t stop. So in other words, keep moving on through.

Rob: I think that should be the new Mountain Market slogan. Shop! Don’t stop!

John: It’s catchy, isn’t it? There won’t be any ability to eat on site. And of course there are somewhat limited the washroom facilities, but there will be facilities.


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