Photo: Alexis McKeown


Local Mindfulness Practitioner Trish Tutton was back on air with me to talk about goal setting, icy roads and sidewalks, storytelling, and more.

Rob and Trish talk about New Year’s Resolutions and why one annual check-in isn’t enough.


Trish shares details on how to begin a goal setting process.


Trish talks about why failure is an important part of goal setting.


Trish gives details on a Goal Setting Workshop she’s facilitating on November 25th.


Trish talks about why she moved to Banff and what’s kept her in that community.


Rob and Trish talk about icy roads and sidewalks, and why it’s better to “be curious, not furious”.


Trish talks about an evening of digital storytelling she attended recently.


Rob discusses his youngest son’s interesting obsession with 9/11, and Trish suggests an age-appropriate movie we could watch around that subject.


Rob shares with Trish how these Community Co-Host segments are crafted.



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