On this Giving Tuesday, I thought it would be a great time to share a series of conversations I had with new Community Co-Host Kathy Arney. Kathy is the President and CEO of KEA Canada, an organization that supports non-profits and charities all across the country.  We discussed a number of subjects related to charitable giving and the struggles many non-profits are currently facing:

Kathy talks about who she is and what she and her organizationdoes.


Kathy discusses some of the common challenges faced by small and medium-sized non-profits.


Kathy talks about the lasting effects COVID has had on the not-for-profit sector.


A discussion about the recent local screening of the film UnCharitable.


Kathy shares what the charity and non-profit picture looks like in the Bow Valley.


Kathy gives some tips on how people can make choices about where they give.


Rob and Kathy have a conversation about the importance of volunteering, and the volunteer deficit many organizations are facing.


Kathy talks about how organizations can improve their volunteer recruitment efforts, and the importance of having long-range strategic plans.


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