Steve Ashton has joined me on-air as a new Community Co-Host!  We covered a variety of topics – growing up in Canmore, the construction industry, Canmore Community Housing, raising kids with Type 1 Diabetes, and more.

Steve introduces himself:


Steve talks about growing up in Canmore in the 90s.


Steve shares the origin story of his business Ashton Construction Services.


Rob and Steve talk about their respective histories with Canmore Community Housing and the new project Steve’s company is working on for CCH in Stewart Creek.


Rob and Steve discuss raising kids with Type 1 Diabetes and the advances in technology around diabetes management.


Steve talks about why construction is a major industry in this community, and a scholarship him and his wife will be offering to encourage kids to enter trades or earn technical diplomas in the field.


Steve talks about how his company has incorporated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training and why he feels it’s so important to do this work.


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