Makaylah Rogers was back in studio to talk about the proposed provincial legislation around trans youth and a powerful digital story about suicide they shared.  Plus I got to ask them a slightly awkward question about pronouns, and more!

Rob and Makaylah share their thoughts around the provincial government’s proposed legislation around trans youth.


Makaylah shares some resources for trans youth who need support.


Rob asks an awkward question about messing up pronouns, and Makaylah shares some advice on how to practice to get it right.


Makaylah talks about their recent Digital Story and podcast episode with Kristy Wolfe around suicide, and a powerful letter they wrote to themselves.


Makaylah and Rob talk about how housing instability can exacerbate stress and mental health challenges.


Rob and Makaylah talk about how to stop measuring your worth based on your daily accomplishments.


Makaylah and Rob talk about this week’s Employee Appreciation Day, and share some tips about how to let your employees know they’re valued.


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