My 8-year-old son William Murray has been on air with me as a brand new Community Co-Host!  We’ve been having a lot of random and interesting conversations at home and I was stoked when he said he’d be interested in having those on the radio too.

William talks about his favourite mountains and some of the hikes he wants to do this summer.


William shares why he finds outer space fascinating and his favourite planets.


William gives his hot take that schools should let kids out of classes to watch events like a solar eclipse.


William and I talk about our spring break trip to NYC.


William shares why he loves big cities and some of the ones he’d like to explore.


William talks about the NYC subway system and compares it to our local transit system.


William and I tell the story about how they almost lost his new RC airplane inside the phone tower compound in Elk Run.


William asks me if I believe in the multiverse theory.


William roasts me for being an old person.


William discuses a world he’s creating in his mind and a book he’d like to write about it.


I ask William what he’d like to be when he grows up.


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