The issue of whether to continue turning a portion of Banff Avenue into a pedestrian zone during the summer months will go to a binding vote of the Banff electorate on August 12th.  The question on the ballot will be:

Do you support Banff Town Council’s decision to have a downtown pedestrian zone on Banff Avenue every summer, from the May Long Weekend to the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

A new group called Friends of a Better Banff Avenue has come together to spread the word about the benefits of the pedestrian zone and encourage the “Yes” vote.  I spoke with Allan Buckingham about why they’re in support of continuing the summer pedestrian area.


The reason a vote is taking place is due to a legally binding valid petition that was put in front of Banff Council.  Leslie Taylor is one of the main organizers of that petition – she joined me on the show to discuss why the pedestrian area on Banff Avenue is problematic enough to discontinue it, and talk about the group of people who have come together to encourage the “No” vote.


Both Leslie and Allan shared the same message for Banff residents – whichever side of this discussion you’re on, make sure you vote and have your voice heard! Voting takes place Monday, August 12th, at Banff Town Hall, with advance voting days on July 13th, 17th, and 29th.  A special ballot for remote voting can also be requested.  Click here for all the voting details.

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